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Submitted by icstark on 02/09/11 00:02
in Tucson  



Tucson, AZ, USA 85715

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    02/14/11 21:37
    I'm looking for a doctors to be evaluaed. Can you recommoned someone? I live here in tucson. THANK YOU. KIMBERLY
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  • Anonym: allen holliker (
    07/12/11 19:39
    I have medicinal marijuana papers from washington state and would like to know if this dispenersy is available
  • Anonym: ray (
    07/19/11 19:51
    Was hoping you could lead me in the right direction. Need to find meds for myself. I'm a new patient to AZ (from WA) and can't seem to find any quality meds. I know everything is on hold but was hoping you could help me out. you can get me at this email or call me at 520.392.5998 Ray
  • Anonym: Amber (
    08/17/11 18:05
    I work for Cannabis Patient Evaluation Center. go on facebook (if u have one) and search my name Amber Myatt (marijuana leaf is the pic) and like my company page u will recieve 5% off your exam! If you dont have a facebook you can mention this reply to your question on here and i will give it to you too! give us a call 5203270881
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