Colfax California Marijuana Dispensary

Submitted by listings on 09/02/10 23:15
in Colfax  


Phone Number: 530-346-2514
hours of operation: Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm



233 State Highway 174, Colfax, CA, USA 95713

2 Reviews

  • Anonym: rm (
    03/17/11 20:35
    I've tried this place a few times since they are the only dispensary near me, but I got nice buds with spider mites, bad tasting after eggs hatched.
  • Anonym: karen (
    03/17/11 21:21
    This is my regular dispensary I live locally and personally this is one of the best around. The staff is always nice and helpful, plus the medicine is great, the have good low priced stuff to the pricier stuff that's well worth it. I may not be an expert but I don't know how spider mites can survive on dry product. I have never had a problem with Golden State Patient Care, and will remain a loyal customer.
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