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We provide Medical marijuana for authorized Washington State medical marijuana patients. We have over thirty different types of medications, a variety of edible desserts, Soda pops and iced teas and multiple topical products. Our hours are Monday - Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm and weekends 11:00am - 5:00pm.


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Topical Way Products

2 oz. Jar of Lotion                                                                           

2oz. bottle Alcohol                                                                         

2oz. Antibacterial Antiseptic Cream                                           

.15 oz. Tube Wax                                                                           

¼ oz. Jar wax                                                                                  

8 oz. Bath Salts                                                                               

2oz Candle Lotion     



Cookies, single brownies, double brownies, peanut butter cups, rice crispy treats, and suckers, laffy taffy, jolly ranchers, soda, iced tea, gummies, and hard candies.

Marijuana butter.

Tincture - (Banana, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla)




Phone Number: 253-630-3050
hours of operation: Monday- Friday 10-7 Saturday and Sunday 11-5



16204 S.E 272nd St., suite 100 Covington, WA, USA 98042

6 Reviews

  • Anonym: Anonym: Billy272 (
    03/04/11 21:59
    I go to CHM all the time. They have the best g-13 around. The Lemon Haze is okay but I like to have couchlock after 2 hits and the jack the ripper does just that. The lolipops are better then Jolly Ranchers but the brownies get you stoned, and they are very consistant. I went to a few dispensaries in CA and I think Covington is up there with the best of them.
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  • Anonym: Tokath (
    09/25/11 17:35
    This is the worst dispensary I have been to. Prices are high selection is small but worst of all it felt I was there to pick up a Uhaul. The budtender was less then friendly. I will drive t Seattle or Tacoma for cheaper meds, friendlier service, cleaner establishment, and a MUCH larger selection. Some place know how to do it right. This is NOT one of them. Tokath
  • Anonym: jessica (
    01/31/12 04:25
    great place and friendly bud tenders. I reccommend this place to everyone. great Bad Ass Monkey Soda's
  • Anonym: weedmaster (
    01/31/12 06:31
    After reading the reviews about Covington’s strong edibles I had to go there myself and try them. I bought the T.K.O fudge and T.K.O double chocolate brownie. I assume this Stands for total knock out. If it doesn’t it should be. I was told to cut them in quarters and wait 45-60 minutes before eating anymore. Well I didn’t listen and I ate half of the fudge. The name fits it knocked me out and I slept like a big dog for the first time in days. Needless to say I didn’t feel any pain. Praise the lord. I am also; very grateful for the 10% discount for veterans, every nickels helps. I really like the older blond lady she seems very knowledgeable on what strain in good for my particular pain. She has never disappointed me. Sometimes she gives me a little extra just to help me out. You can’t go wrong at this place. Thanks Covington holistic my family and I appreciate you. The Pain is more tolerable when I have meds to take the edge off.
  • Anonym: JT (
    06/03/12 02:08
    I have been here a couple of times. Sometimes the top shelf medicine is pretty good, most of the time not great. Certainly not worth $15 per gram. Every time I have been, the pre-weighed bottles have less than 3.5 grams, bumping up the cost closer to $17per gram. The office is like a little soap opera. They are quick, but it's mostly in a hurry to get you out the door so they can continue their conversation or talk about the customers. As I walked in to the place today, I heard one of the budtenders scream in the back room..."The guy drives me nuts, I can't stand it when he comes in here." Sorry for you, but in business you don't always get to decide if you like your customers and yelling crap like that so other customers can hear you is just tacky. I've really had enough with getting ripped off by their skimping on the scales, today's episode overhearing the woman scream about a patient was the final straw. I won't be back. Guess I'll be heading up to White Center to the MMJ market where you can get a 'mall' of providers competing for your business and not making you feel like you're intruding on a conversation when you walk in the door.
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