Grand Rapids Alternative Care (GRAC)

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in Grand Rapids  

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Grand Rapids Alternative Care (GRAC) is dedicated to helping people legally acquire marijuana to alleviate specific qualifying conditions and symptoms. Our caring and competent staff is available five days a week to personally take your calls, answer your questions and schedule appointments.


Phone Number: 616-214-8944
hours of operation: Hours: M-F 9:30am-4:00pm



1001 Medical Park Dr. SE #112 Grand Rapids, MI, USA 49546

5 Reviews

  • Anonym: laurine (
    01/26/11 00:27
    This place is great. They are very helpful and very thorough when it comes to the certification process. They even send in our applications and call on our legal day. Their doctor is awesome and very compassionate. They offer continuous care (meds) to legal patients (must have proper paperwork/card to prove legality). It is a very comfortable professional setting and easy to find. They will work with those that are low on funds meds never refused to a patient in need. The only clinic in Grand Rapids that is there Monday thru Friday and they actually answer when you call or return your call if they are busy. No stupid questions, as they say. They are there for the patients in all ways.
  • Anonym: Rich (
    05/16/11 17:05
    Lots of great top shelf products!
  • Anonym: Rich (
    05/16/11 17:05
    This place is very great. The ladies are hot!
  • Anonym: michael (
    07/01/11 00:35
    nice place honest excellent resource
  • Anonym: shiti1 (
    07/01/11 19:34
    I felt the ladies courtesy was subpar on the phone and I felt my business was unwanted
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